Data Analysis and Processing


The Data Analysis and Processing Division systematises data about the quality of school performance, analyses and interprets related results and draws conclusions.

The Division performs the following activities:

  • Collects and systematises external evaluation, research and municipal data.
  • Processes, analyses and interprets data about the quality of school performance, including the provision of data for the following uses:

– drafting of the annual report of the National Agency for School Evaluation “Performance quality of general education schools“;
– drafting of education review and education policy-related problem analyses,
– preparing articles for the education community;
– meeting data-related needs of the Ministry of Education and Science and its subordinate entities;
– meeting data-related needs of municipalities and schools;
– meeting data-related needs of other interested entities, groups and organisations.

  • Drafts and makes presentations based on data collected.
  • Consults on how to analyse and interpret data obtained in external and self-evaluations.

The Data Analysis and Processing Division systematises and processes data collected at the time of the external evaluation of schools as a result of which data becomes information, and this is later analysed and interpreted and becomes information about the performance quality of general education schools. This kind of information including the knowledge empowers schools, their founders and the state to make data-driven decisions.

Basic information and data (booklet in English)


From 2007 to 2014 – 40,4 % of all Lithuanian schools were evaluated and 47 064 lessons were observed.

Number of schools evaluated from 2007 to 2014 (diagram):

number of evaluated schools (EN)