The creation of the National Agency for School Evaluation (i.e. NASE) is a consequence of the School Improvement Programme (2002-2005) defined in Part No. 4 Internal and External Audit of the Component B Creation of the Education Quality Management. The Order No. ISAK-2683 On Creation of the National Agency for School Evaluation and Approval of its Regulations signed by the Minister of Education and Science on 30 December 2005 is considered the beginning of NASE. On 30 January 2006, after being registered into the Register of Legal Entities (Certificate No. 089080), the Agency officially started its activities.


To assist the Ministry of Education and Science to ensure the quality of education, the development of educational institutions in self-assessment and evaluation, and enabling school leaders and founders to improve the quality solutions, using the available data.


Run schools providing general education (hereinafter – the school) in the quality assessment;

provide methodological support and guidance to schools and their founders on the quality of school performance improvement.




To lead the country schools of the quality of the internal self-assessment and to organize and coordinate the activities of the school’s external quality assessment;

to provide data for monitoring education;

the school’s performance quality of the external evaluators selection, training and certification.


Currently, the Agency employs 33 full-time employees, but we also have over 300 accredited external evaluators and school self-evaluation consultants, who are deployed when they are needed.

Over the lifetime of institution, we shared our experience with education staff from Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Tajikistan Ministry, SICI (The Standing International Conference of Inspectorates) conference (Agency is a member since 2007).

The Agency is currently working in joint activities with these foreign partners: IQES GmbH (Instrumente für die Qualitätsentwicklung und Evaluation in Schulen Winterthur, Switzerland). Also, we had joint events with Education Scotland, Centre of Educational Leadership (The University of Manchester), Nord Anglia Education (in Agency’s formation stage) and other partners in Europe.